Music Classes 

  • Band and orchestra taught at your Parish School during the school day

  • Taught by instrumental specialists

  • Performances at your Parish School

  • Performances at fun locations 

  • Be part of a collaborative fun group

Registration for fall is now CLOSED. 

About the Program

What we offer and pricing.

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Registration for fall is now open!


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Maestro Music Classes are taught at your Parish School by Instrumental Music Specialists in Band and Orchestra. When you enroll your student/s in the program they will receive specialized music instruction for the school year which includes: 

  • Instrumental instruction for 1 hour a week for 28 weeks (28 is the minimum) for the school year.

  • Instruction by a licensed instrumental music specialist using best practices to deliver an enriching experience. 

  • 2 performances at your Parish School (winter/spring)

  • Access to fun optional additional performances.  In the past we've performed at Mall of America for their Holiday Music Program, ValleyFair, a Pep Band Night at a sporting event, and a combined Almost Spring Concert.

  • Assistance securing or renting an instrument via the instructors and delivery directly to the Parish School. 

  • $545 for the school year.  Music Classes start in the fall and run through the spring.

  • Payment in full is expected before a student can start. Click below to enter the registration portal.

Why Study Music? 

What are the benefits of music instruction?   Why should I consider signing my student up for music instruction?  Below are quotes and links to YouTube videos that outline the benefits of music instruction. 

"Did you know that every time a musicians pick up their instrument, there are fireworks going off all over  the brain."


"Musicians have a great ability to create, store, categorize, and retrieve memories."

"The brains of those who studied musical instruments has a much larger amount of grey matter than the brains of those otherwise."

"Playing an instrument requires your auditory, motor, sensory, and visual systems to all work together. "

"The first way I found that playing an instrument can benefit us is by boosting our team building skills."

"Music can reduce levels of stress hormones, decrease heart rate, and blood pressure, relieve anxiety, and just make us happier."

Virtual Instrument Demonstrations

Instrument Demos

Are you new to learning an instrument and don't know which one to pick?  These virtual instrument demonstrations might be helpful for you to narrow down your options. 

String Instruments

Members of The United States Army Field Band demonstrate and briefly discuss the instruments of the concert band.

Be part of the band - What do you want to play?

Be Part of the Band Website

Band Instruments

The Philadelphia Orchestra demonstrates the orchestra instruments.